“I’m just here to take a look.” The man with eagle eyes comfortably settled himself on the sofa cross-legged and even poured himself a cup of water. “What do you accept here?”


Yup, since this little fellow had been born, he naturally needed to treat it with kindness. Hong Dali thought for a while, then said, “Seeing how it produces cracking sounds when it was eating the shell, let’s call it Acka. But I wonder whether it’s a male or female…”


Go and die! A book connected with Hong Dalis head. It was thrown by Jiang Qianxue. Its not a big deal to be impulsive once in a while. Its not as bad as you make it sound.


Of course, the exact situation was very complicated, not as simple as it looked on the outside—killing those who had earned a great number of credits when they were not needed anymore wasn’t something that only happened on Earth…


“Okay, since everything has been settled, let’s go back and rest now.” Hong Dali smiled and said, “After returning to the hotel, there’s still something very important to do. It’s time to raise everyone’s attributes!”


Of course! Little Bai Hechou grew really fast. Even his learning ability was exceptionally fast. Hong Dali had not seen him for so long, he had learned most of what he needed to learn. I usually learn martial arts with Big Grandfather. Im really powerful now. I have gotten to chapter eight of the Demon Fantasy Record. I can control mysterious energy now. Big Grandfather said it wont be long before I can absorb dark energy.

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“Discuss wines?” When Mister Gate, who was unafraid of anything under the sky, even Galaxy Aristocrats, heard those words, his eyes lit up immediately. “Kid, you are going to discuss wines with me?”


It was okay to add less for Little Bai Hechou now, he would add more for him in a year. There was no hurry. But his parents were getting old, he had to add more for them.


As they chatted, Tang Muxin saw them and joked. Dali, someone is striking up a conversation with your experimental girlfriend. Hehe. This Li Tianxing is indeed here for Sister Qianxue.


Mister Gate looked at the crowd, then looked at the armor and nodded. Just one thousand.


The Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine was poured into the jade bowl. Sure enough, the golden Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine glowed brightly as it swished in the jade bowl in the soft lighting. Mister Gate drank it in one gulp, laughing. “Interesting, wahahaha, interesting! Kid, continue talking!”


He hung up! Boss actually hung up! Ahhhhhhhh! How can that be! How can I face such a scary person by myself?!


“Cough, cough, cough!” Hong Dali said it matter-of-factly that Tang Long started coughing violently. He coughed for quite a while as he was too shocked. “You say you passed all thirty levels? For real? In the past, there was a training tower just like this one. My Master only managed to pass twenty-six levels on the first day. The most powerful man in the Galaxy, Duan Xuan, also only managed to pass twenty-seven levels. And you are telling me you passed all thirty?!”



“Prepare my spaceship immediately, I shall go over to Shenluo City now. Haha, this is a happy event. I won’t feel comfortable unless he treats me to a good meal!”



He had not deliberately offended anyone but was lustful. All men would be interested if they met beautiful women. He only wanted to hit on women, how did he get into so much trouble?


Rascal. Gate drank a mouthful of his wine, showing his displeasure. I only left for a few days, and you actually came looking for me?


Six hundred and eighty thousand. Hong Dali made an offer without hesitation. If you are willing to sell it, Ill take it. If youre not, Ill go to the next shop.

  • What do you mean some knowledge. Its very knowledgeable! Gate chuckled as he touched his chin. Speaking of which, what are you doing here instead of guarding Beta Planet?
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