“I don’t care. From now onwards, you are my experimental boyfriend. I will be following you around for this period of time. But don’t worry,” Jiang Qianxue nodded vehemently. “when I find the super genius our relationship will end. When that time comes, you will still be my friend, okay?”


This silver-level Honorary Aristocrats name was Galleon. He could be considered a business prodigy. The piece of land that he was trying to sell that day had always been a thorn in his fleshhe had bought it for 35 million with plans to develop it. After all, the future of the property market on the Galaxy super planets was still pretty good. However, after he bought it and prepared to develop it, he found out that the piece of land was completely unsuited for developing. The ground was mainly a mix of rocks and sand. The hard places were super hard and the loose places were made up of loose sediment. It was impossible to build anything high. He could insist on developing it, but the costs would be six times as muchwhat would he earn then? His net profit ratio margin would be pulled down!


Ding the System sounded and shortly replied: The Host has chosen to upgrade Gem processing, embedding, and magic enhancement. Upgrading in progress, please wait


Tianyi said with his trembling voice, Lord, I failed to recognize you earlier. I didnt know you were here His sweat fell like a waterfallflirting with a Galaxy Aristocrat in public could get his penis cut off!


“I… I am here to talk to you…” Jiang Qianxue looked around and saw no one. She then gathered her courage and said, “Because I… there’s someone I like… I want… I want to ask for your advice.”


Because once the great Mister Gate and second greatest Eagle-eyed Mister saw each other, the second greatest Eagle-eyed Mister swung his sword at him…

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Jiang Qianxue trembled as she held on to Hong Dali’s left arm. Tang Muxin held on tightly to Hong Dali’s right arm. The situation was tense and volatile. Li Nianwei and everyone else stood at the back, chilled. It was a very uncomfortable ride.


Five shops, only two people. It was tough to split them. One person would take care of three, and the other would take care of two?


Someone whom an Honorary Aristocrat would call Lord, there was only one possibilitythis silver-colored hair beauty was a Galaxy Aristocrat?!


After she terminated the communication with Yin Tianzong, Jiang Qianxue stayed immersed in her own thoughts for a while, then decisively called Hong Dali.


This Dali has quite the brains. It seems he will grow further. Maybe not to black or white-level Double Honorary Aristocrat, but he will definitely be able to advance further.


That was full of countless auras. Just the identity alone represented power, wealth, and status.


The other two people nodded. Yes, yes, yes. Lets wait and see. I wonder when this shop will open. But for this one thousand Galaxy Dollars, the wait will be worth it!



There was not much competition between both. Ordinary Honorary Aristocrats and Double Honorary Aristocrats were under two different systems. There was no dispute of interest. Hence, it was easier to establish a relationship.



Gulp! Brahman gulped. It was tiring to even talk. Respected guests, do you intend to put these pieces of equipment up for auction After appraising everything, there was a total of fifty-three pieces of equipment with more than +10 attribute gems, seventy-three Strength gems, fifty-four Agility gems, thirty-two Reflexes gems. Such numbers were surely enough to make everyones jaws drop.


The reconstruction of the area that was beneath the school had been completed. It was now a huge new technology weapon manufacturing plant.


Understood. Ace gently lifted his hand and put it on the stone tablet. Soon, the stone tablet displayed his Tower of Trials results: King P. Ace from the planet Red Saturnian, level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the fifth attempt.

  • Lord Aristocrat! The man did not dare to oppose him. He lowered his head and slowly came forward.
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