“As expected. Damn these bugs!” The captain slightly squinted his eyes and gave his orders. “Instruct our men, keep chasing their tail and kill as many of these bugs as we can! Although Earth is our target to be annihilated, the fight within us humans is our own business. If these damned bugs dare to come to mankind’s territory, they are our number one priority! As for the rest, we can talk about that later!”


The Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine was poured into the jade bowl. Sure enough, the golden Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine glowed brightly as it swished in the jade bowl in the soft lighting. Mister Gate drank it in one gulp, laughing. “Interesting, wahahaha, interesting! Kid, continue talking!”


When he went up against Feiyun the last time, he knew that although he was an heir-to-be of a big family, against Galaxy Aristocrats and Honorary Aristocrats, he was still too weak!


Xinxin. Jiang Qianxue sat on a bench meant for shoppers to rest and looked at Hong Dali who was a distance away. She asked softly, Dali has he always been like this?


He was extremely upset nowhe was an Honorary Aristocrat, an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat! His guards were sent flying by a lackey and he was mauled by a tiger. He was completely disgraced! Furthermore, there were so many people watching


She really wanted to confide in someone, but as a Galaxy Aristocrat, the only people she knew other than her parents were the guards.

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Of course. Tianyi shrugged helplessly. I passed twenty-two levels in the Tower of Trials. Not talking about how powerful I am, I should be not too bad. But I couldnt even handle one move from that White Beard Mister. What do you think?


Thinking up to this point, Huaqing instructed the guard. Continue to watch them. Report his every move to me.


Im rich and capricious. Theres nothing I can do about it. Hong Dali grinned. If we like it, we buy it. So simple.


Luo Qiang’s sweat fell like a waterfall. “That, Mister, you, can you wait a while so I can ask my boss?”


Heavenly Frost Sword, a divine-level broadsword. Its was extremely sharp, and the sword itself had a frost effect. When swinging this sword, the creatures nearby would all be frozen. Such a weapon was indeed worthy of being regarded as a divine item.


Where he had passed by, people secretly peered up at his cloakAristocrat.Tianyi!


“Haha, Dali Creates Miracles, there’s a logic behind this phrase.” The head worker laughed loudly and said, “My little precious mutters this every day before sleep, this little brat.”



Jiang Qianxue twisted the corner of her clothes with her finger. She felt uneasy. After all, the concept of dating was completely foreign to a girl like her.



En, that makes sense, Mu Huaqing immediately said. I shall see if there are any top-grade gems to buy as well. Speaking of which, I just went to challenge level twenty-one of the Tower of Trials. The results are not bad.


“Ah? You like Brother Genius?” Yin Tianzong did not seem to find anything wrong with that. “I like him too! When I meet him, I intend to make him my big brother!”


Indeed, hearing that, Jiang Qianxue appeared to have the same thoughts. She agreed without saying anything!

  • To be honest, she was just eighteen this year, an age when girls were prone to hero idolization. A person who managed to pass all thirty levels of the Tower of Trials only came by once in a thousand years. It was normal that Jiang Qianxue would feel admiration for a godly genius like this. The problem was, no one knew what this mysterious person was like.
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